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Our Mission/Vision/Values

Our Mission/Vision/Values

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Our Vision: We want to become a church where authentic spiritual formation leads to missional living. 

We define spiritual formation as a growing relationship with God where our response to His love and grace is changing us to look and love more like Jesus and missional living as seeing ourselves as ambassadors of Christ’s kingdom sent to speak for and represent Jesus in our everyday lives.

We want to be the kind of church that helps believers to grow deep in their relationship with Jesus and non-believers to explore what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. Grace Community Church is not a building but a community. We are a community from all different backgrounds who have experienced radical grace and new life in Jesus Christ and love walking alongside those who are still checking things out.   

As followers of Jesus, we both 'gather' and we 'go.' We gather to worship, study the scriptures, and help and support one another but we also go out into our communities, schools, workplaces, and the world as ambassadors of Jesus Christ. We are a community that has forever been changed by ‘good news’ and therefore we want to both embody and share that good news with others.

Over the next 3-5 years we are specifically focuses on the following 4 areas as a church to help move our vision and mission forward:

+Cultivate a church community where people exhibit and experience genuine Biblical love:  We want our church to be a welcoming, supportive and encouraging community where believers genuinely feel cared for and helped in their relationship with Jesus (Rom 15:7; Jn.13:34-35). While membership in Christ’s church is reserved for those who trust and follow Him, we want to be a community that welcomes all people into our gatherings, groups, homes, and lives, including those who have misgivings or doubts about Christianity (I Cor. 5:9-13; Mt. 11:19). We want to develop the kind of church culture that helps believers to think deeply about Christ and non-believers to discover what it means to follow Him. We want to be a humble people that excel in listening well to others and learning to ask questions to get to know others and better understand their story (Phil. 2:3-4; Proverbs 18:2,13,17; I Cor. 1:26-30). We refuse to let political and ethnic differences keep us from building bridges with one another (Phil. 2:1-2). As the people of God, we will choose to believe the best about others while engaging them in God-honoring ways, which communicate grace and truth even when we disagree (Titus 3:1-2; James 3:13-18; I Peter 3:15; Col. 4:6; I Cor. 13).

+Raise up hundreds of everyday missionaries: We want all believers within our church to begin to see themselves as ambassadors of Christ who represent and speak on behalf of their King

(II Cor. 5:16-20). We are not trying to add a mission component to our lives; our lives exist for the mission (Acts 1:8; Mt. 28:18-20; I Peter 2:9; Jn.17:16-18; Jn. 20:21). Because Jesus called us to let our light shine before men that they may see our good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven, our faith will be a public faith (Mt.5:16; Eph. 2:10; I Peter 2:12). We want to love and serve all our neighbors in the places where we live, work, and play. We want to learn how to winsomely engage nonbelievers with the unchanging truth of the gospel (I Cor. 9:19-23). We desire God's global heart to awaken our heart for all the peoples of the earth especially the unreached (Ps. 67; Ps. 86:9; I Chron.16:24; Rev. 5:9; Rev. 7:9). We will aspire to live lives of mercy and justice especially towards the poor, orphan, vulnerable, and marginalized (Micah 6:8; Is. 1:17; Is.58:6-10, Prov.3:27-28; Zech.7:8-10; Lk.14:13-14; James 1:27).

+Become a church for the next generation: We want our church to exist for the next generation in all that we do (Dt. 6:7). We want Grace Community to have a “young vibe” that connects with young people and communicates to them that they are not simply the “future of the church,” but they are the “now” of the church (I Tim. 4:12). We want to invest heavily and leverage our resources in reaching, equipping and empowering the next generation to step up to the plate and make their lives count for that which matters most. As a church, we will keep asking ourselves the question: Are we connecting with and reaching the next generation (Ps. 78:5-6)? We should see young people getting connecting, serving, taking “ownership,” and being equipped and empowered to lead as the evidence that we are making progress in becoming a church for the next generation (Eph. 4:11-16).

+Develop and implement an intentional discipleship & leadership pipeline. We will craft and implement a comprehensive all church discipleship/leadership pipeline called the "The Discipleship Institute." This pipeline will be designed to meet people where they are in their faith but move them towards becoming devoted disciples who make disciples (Col.1:28-29; Mt. 28:18-20). It will also serve as a pipeline for identifying leaders who can be further equipped to lead others (II Tim. 2:2). We will offer classes, forums, groups, video training, and retreats/conferences with the aim of helping every person to move forward in being equipped so they can make their unique God-given contribution to the advancement of the gospel through this church (Rom. 12:4-8; I Pet. 4:10-11). We will invest significantly in high school students and college-age adults (I Thess. 2:8). 

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