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4:16 College

Each summer we try and have some different classes to help us continue to grow in our faith and equip us for ministry. We call them our 4:16 college (from 1 Timothy 4:16- "watch your life and doctrine closely"). This summer that tradition continues! Classes begin on Tuesday July 7th and run to early August. This year, classes will primarily be online. 

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This summer we are offering the following classes:

Course: Grace Based Parenting 2 
Instructor: Pastor Greg Gill
Meets: Tuesdays 8:30-9:45(time subject to change)
Description: This second part of the Grace Based Parenting small group video study will give parents the confidence and skills to raise kids who flourish in their culture by building character for life. Teaching and discussion format.
Resources:  Recommended but not required Book and Workbook

Course: How Will It All End? 
Instructor: Pastor Don Sharpe
Meets: Wednesdays from 7-9 PM (time subject to change)
Description:  Will there be a rapture? If so, when will it occur? What about the millennium? Are the popular movies and books like Left Behind an accurate picture of the end? Questions abound when it comes to seeking to understand what the Bible has to say about the end times. This 5-week course looks at several of the major views of how the Bible depicts this age coming to a close and seeks to compare the various views with the biblical data.  No required resource.

Course: Bible Doctrine
Instructor: Gene Cockerham
Meets: Thursdays 6:45-8:15(time subject to change)
Description: Bible Doctrine is a survey of the foundational truths of the Christian faith, using systematic theology, the historic creeds, and the church fathers. Primarily aimed at students and parents, but open to all.
Resources:  Bible Doctrine by Wayne Grudem

Course: Gospel in Life: Grace Changes Everything 
Instructor: Pastor Greg Gill
Meets: Thursdays 8:30-9:45(time subject to change)
Description: This study by Timothy Keller, explores how the gospel can change your heart, community, and how you live the Gospel out in your everyday life in this world and prepare for your heavenly home. Teaching and discussion format.
Resources:  Recommended but not required- Gospel in Life: Grace Changes Everything

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