Join us in person or online Sundays at 10am!  
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In an effort to serve our community, we are offering FREE English Classes
online using both Zoom and/or in person classes for Adults 18 years or older. Anyone who would like to learn English as a second language and learn about American culture is welcome!

Monday Evenings - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM via online ZOOM classes

Online Registration is open year round.

We are hoping to start in person classes as soon as possible!



Classes are FREE but each student is required to buy a textbook for $40 on the day of their registration.

Click here to email us for more information. 

All teachers are volunteers certified to teach ESL who want to help you learn to speak English better.

Using zoom on your smartphone - simple English version

 Using zoom on your smartphone - Spanish version

Using zoom on your smartphone - Chinese version

Using zoom on your smartphone - Korean version