Join us sundays at 10AM

Our Sunday Serve Teams are absolutely vital to our mission of making disciples of all peoples with the life-changing gospel.

We believe God has uniquely gifted each person who calls Grace Community “home,” to use his/her gifts to serve and make an eternal impact in the lives of people who walk through our doors on Sundays. Together, in many diverse ways, Serve Teams joyfully pour themselves out so that all who walk through our doors may see, hear, and experience the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.

Take your first step by letting us know how you would like to get connected through serving.


01. We are not volunteers we are servants and ambassadors of Jesus

02. We embody the gospel message that we will be proclaimed

03. We pour out so that others might encounter Christ

04. We think and plan like an outsider and not an insider

05. We remember that every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday

06. We strive for excellence but with humility and dependence upon God

07. We go out of our way to honor, encourage, and include others