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Prayer for Orlando

Dear Grace Community,

I personally regret the fact that I did not become aware of the Orlando shooting until after our Sunday Gathering was over or we would have taken time to pray as a church for the victims’ families. So, let's pray now for those directly impacted by this violence. Let's pray for our gay and lesbian neighbors who are likely scared. Let's also pray for our Muslim friends too. In all that we say and do, let's show the love of a Savior who came to the earth to die on a cross for sinners...sinners like US.

I was personally gripped by a tweet I read by an LGBT advocate which said the following: "Straight friends, especially you Christians, please know: We hear your silence so loud."

Grace Community Church, I’d like to encourage us as Jesus’ followers to not be silent about this horrible evil and injustice that occurred in Orlando last weekend. It's not the time to focus on the right and wrong of sexuality in the midst of tragedy. Church, this is a time for tears, love, compassion, prayer, acts of service and gospel presence. This is a time for gospel compassion.

Remember, we don't have to agree on the meaning of marriage and human sexuality to love one another, especially those who have been impacted by murder. Let's also pray for our leaders who have their work cut out for them.

In the words of Pastor Matt Chandler "What a horrific act of evil. Christians, your Muslim friends & neighbors woke up this morning wondering how they will be viewed. Love them. Also consider the fear and pain this will have in the LGBT community. Let’s be the people of God in this heinous and awful violence." To which your pastor says, AMEN! AMEN!

If Chick-fil-A restaurants who are always closed on Sundays were willing to open some of their Orlando area stores on Sunday to prepare meals in an effort to serve the community, then let's follow in their example. Let's ask God to enlarge our hearts to not be silent in the midst of darkness, but to SHINE THE LIFE-CHANGING GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.

Let's pray for city of Orlando and let's also pray for our own city and area communities! We must truly love the people we are called to reach with the gospel.

Let's rise up and be people of light!


Pastor Matt