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September 15, 2019

A Community of Genuine Biblical Love Part 1

Speaker: Brendan Beale Series: FORWARD Passage: Titus 2:1–2:15

September 8, 2019

Pastoral Leadership

Speaker: Don Sharpe Series: FORWARD Passage: Titus 1:5–1:16

September 6, 2019


Speaker: Brendan Beale Series: Cross Current (2019-2020) - Joy Passage: Isaiah 55:1–55:2, Philippians 3:8–3:8

September 1, 2019


Speaker: Brendan Beale Series: FORWARD Passage: Titus 1:1–1:4

August 25, 2019

The Lord's Prayer

Speaker: James Cha Series: General Passage: Matthew 6:5–6:13

August 18, 2019

The Promises of John 14

Speaker: Adam Nathanson Series: General Passage: John 14

August 11, 2019

10,000 Reasons

Speaker: Brendan Beale Series: Summer in the Psalms Topic: Psalms Passage: Psalm 103

August 4, 2019

Walking in God's Faithfulness

Speaker: Erik Mersch Series: Summer in the Psalms Passage: Psalm 105:1–105:45

July 28, 2019

Our Missionary God

Speaker: Greg Gill Series: Summer in the Psalms Topic: Psalms Passage: Psalm 67

July 21, 2019

A Time For Unity

Speaker: Don Sharpe Passage: Ephesians 4:1–4:6

Old Testament

Primary Speakers

Matt Smith, Brendan Beale, Greg Dutcher, Dave Brewer .

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Guest Speaker: Nish Baria

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Guest Speaker: Wilson Baria

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Brendan Beale | Pastor

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Guest Speaker: Robin Boisvert

View Guest Speaker: Robin Boisvert’s Sermons

Guest Speaker: Chris Nickerson

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Guest Speaker: Jim Donohue

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Guest Speaker: Greg Dutcher

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Guest Speaker: Dave Harvey

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Guest Speaker: Caleb Howard

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Guest Speaker: Mark Mitchell

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Guest Speaker: Mark Mullery

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Guest Speaker: Josh Murphy

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Guest Speaker: Randy Newman

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Guest Speaker: Jeff Purswell

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Guest Speaker: Dave Shive

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Guest Speaker: Will Metzger

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Guest Speakers

Guest Speaker: Mike Crawford

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